Our Story


Take a moment to look at your children and think about where you want them to be in 10, 20 or 30 years. What opportunities do you want them to have in life? A good education? A position from where they can make a positive difference for their families and community?

Our children are our future, and they deserve the best opportunities we as parents and communities can give them. But not all parents have the time or ability to help their children with their homework. And most of us, as parents, can probably recognize the wish for our kids to receive a better education than we had.

When I became a parent, I knew I would do everything to give my daughter the best education and the best opportunities as she grows up. But at the same time, I felt it was unfair that tens of millions of kids all over the world, would not get the same opportunity for even a basic education or learning to read and write.

That’s why I decided to launch the educational apps branch of RV AppStudios to help children get an early start learning essential skills like counting, spelling, and math… And giving those apps away for free.

- Founder of RV AppStudios

Why Giving Back is important?

Children are meant to learn by playing games and having fun! So we develop entertaining FREE kids’ apps that lets children develop their creativity and test their intelligence with fun jigsaw puzzles, challenging memory games, and much more.

Mobile devices and internet connection is becoming available in all corners of the world. That is our opportunity as app developers to reach and make a positive difference for children who do not have access to schools or books, but whose parents have a smartphone.

Our apps are developed to give preschoolers from all corners of the world an educational advantage, but especially to teach those kids who otherwise don’t have the opportunity to get a basic education.

Because getting an early start learning universal skills creates better opportunities for children everywhere!

How do we Keep our kid's apps free?

My team and I have been blessed to be able to make a living doing what we love - developing gaming apps(for adults). Now we want to give back to children around the world by investing our company profits into creating some of the most popular apps for toddlers and children eager to have fun and learn.

We simply find making a difference much more rewarding than getting rich ourselves.

We believe that kids shouldn't be influenced by ads or in-app promotions. That’s why we keep our kids’ applications 100% AD FREE and with No in-app purchases. The only way we can make preschool learning apps available to all children, is by keeping it 100% free to use.

Every time we read reviews from happy parents, telling us how much their children have developed using our apps and playing our games, it shows us that our tiny contribution to our local and global society are worth it!

We hope our efforts can inspire others to give back and make a difference. Especially that the children getting a head start through pre-school learning apps, becomes the future leaders of change in their communities.

OUR IMPACT - 400+ Million Downloads Makes a Difference

So far, more than 400 million people have downloaded our mobile games and Free Kids’ Apps. Currently that’s over 15 million downloads every month! More than two-thirds (12 million) of those downloads come from parents wanting to help their kids begin learning from an early age, effectively reducing the risk of falling behind as they start in school. It’s these millions of children around the world getting a chance for a better future that fuels our passion to continue!